Chaos Defrost

Chaos defrost is one of the most advanced and sort after features for a microwave oven. One of the primary functions of a microwave oven is it's defrost setting.

Frozen meats joints, steaks, chops, mince and other food, can all be prepared quicker by defrosting them in a microwave before cooking them with another technique.

Those of you with some scientific knowledge may have heard of the 'chaos theory'. This theory was developed after scientists had observed chaotic behaviour in electrical circuits and other electrical and chemical reactions.

As the word 'chaos' would suggest, the theory purports that some systems are inherently random and cannot be predicted. Oddly enough this theory has been applied to the humble microwave oven.

The result has been a near sixty percent reduction in time for defrosting food. The theory works in the microwave oven by hitting the food with blasts of random microwave radiation.

This random blasting, bizarrely, is more efficient that any organised approach thought up of. Over time, the random blasting defrosts the food more evenly and therefore quicker.

The organised and constant blasts of microwave radiation tended to defrost only specific portions of the food. This meant that the parts not hit by the radiation took much longer to defrost.

The first manufacturer of microwave ovens to incorporate chaos defrost into their machines was Panasonic. The initial development and implementation of the technology was in 2001.

Therefore, chaos defrost has advanced for nearly a decade, the kinks have been ironed out of the technology and most manufacturers have a working model for their machines.


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